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Remember Rugby like this?

Remember Rugby like this? - Absolute Rugby

Matthew Buckland |

It seems a lifetime ago that live Rugby was played - and it seems it will be even longer until we are all back into the stadiums cheering on the teams or countries we support and love.

Whilst many of us around the world are getting used to the 'New Normal' it is in New Zealand, where, their 'New Normal' is in fact much like the old 'Normal'.

We mentioned in our last post about the games that are being played in New Zealad amongst the Kiwi Super Rugby teams, as part of the Atearoa series - however the latest fixture between the Auckland Blues v Chiefs - some of the Absolute Rugby team (who are based in Auckland) went along to take in the atmosphere and enjoy the Rugby the old fashioned way - actually going to it.

Now, most people across the globe who are lucky enough to watch a sport that is back to action, are now used to watching the games on a computer screen or TV.

However - to remind you of the match-day experience - we have included some of yesterdays trip to reignite some of the passions that come into going to a live sporting event....

Waiting for the train with train beers in tow...


Being greeted by the thousands in attendance when getting through the gates....

There's always one in the group who has either drank too much to remember that  you have to remortgage your house to buy a burger - or they are a former prop who hasn't eaten for 10 minutes....

Once you've safely navigated the burger vans - you may want to buy the appropriate merchandise...

Now we are through the all the surrounding areas, you can now enjoy your seat and watch the stadium fill up!

Now, we are waiting for the game to start - talked through the players we want to see and the players we hope don't do the business against our team..


And then, after putting your phone away to watch the game - you decide to take your phone out once more to take in some of the action to show your mates....and the other team score....

However, the Blues came away with the 21-17 victory!

As I type this from the UK office of Absolute Rugby - it made us all pretty jealous that live rugby is being played somewhere in the world! That being said, it also made us excited for its return....

What bits of the matchday experience are you missing from Rugby? Leave your comments below.

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