C-GRIP Socks White

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Evolved from our market leading Shox sock, the technically advanced C-GRIP is designed for ultimate performance and comfort.

C-Grip has fast become the sock of choice for athletes seeking a technical advantage for added confidence in their sport.

ULTIMATE GRIP Strategically positioned silicone pads maximizing grip keeping the foot locked in place allowing for quick movement and eliminating blistering

BREATHABILITY Corrugated mesh on top of the foot allows air circulation reducing sweat build-up

ANKLE PROTECTION  Ankle padding for increased support and protection

COMPRESSION UPPER Enhances circulation in the legs preventing build-up of lactic acid whilst aiding recovery

Among many of the C-Grips benefits is its support for efficiency of movement. The player can plant their foot with 100% confidence assisting in conserving energy and preventing strains.

Hygiene for all athletes is a priority. The C-Grip corrugated mesh top allows the foot to stay cool during use. The foothold from the silicone grips significantly reduces the chances of blistering.

Material: 70% Polyamide, 30% Cotton, Silicone Grips