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Times have changed since an Australia Bledisloe Cup Win.

Times have changed since an Australia Bledisloe Cup Win. - Absolute Rugby

Matthew Buckland |

Its back. We have said this a few times in the past in our blog posts - but this time, it really does feel like its back. Of course we are talking about - International Test Match Rugby....and its in front of a crowd!

The Bledisloe Cup 2020 is taking place in a few hours between All Blacks and Wallabies. Whilst there has been some disputes on the origin of where the Origins of the Bledisloe Cup comes from - see here for said dispute there is no disputing who has dominated winning the trophy.

New Zealand have won the trophy 47 times + 1 in 1931 and Australia, 12 times respectively. When taking into consideration the current form guide - New Zealand will be making it 48 + 1, given the Australians haven't won the trophy since 2002! Ouch.

Whilst fans of Rugby are no stranger to All Blacks dominance - its still an incredibly impressive run - and given Australia haven't exactly been 2nd class citizens in the World Rugby ecosystem in the time period they haven't won it (Rugby World Cup final appearances in 2003 and 2015) it further illustrates how good the All Blacks have been. 

It got us thinking what has changed since Australia last won the Bledisloe Cup.....

  1. Flying All Blacks Winger George Bridge was 8 years old.
  2. A few websites you may have heard of have been created in the meantime; Facebook (2004), YouTube (2005) and Twitter (2006). We have hyperlinked the sites in case they passed you by....
  3. Darius Campbell AKA Darius Danesh from one of the many reality pop music shows was number one in the UK with his absolute banger, 'Colourblind*.'
  4.  Texting your mates about an Aussie win in 2002 wouldn't have occurred on an iPhone - they were released 5 years later!
  5. The last time Australia won - The first of what seems like thousands of installments of Lord of the Rings just lost out to a Beautiful Mind for Best Picture at the Oscars.
(*Said Banger)

Safe to say a fair bit has happened - but records are there to be broken. As spectators from the UK - we're happy (albeit jealous) someone gets to go to Test Math Rugby.

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