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New Product Available! - Scotland Rugby Training and Leisure Collection 20/21

New Product Available! - Scotland Rugby Training and Leisure Collection 20/21 - Absolute Rugby

Matthew Buckland |

As Scotland Rugby moves into the 2020/21 season - a brand new clothing collection follows with the Training and Leisure Kit now available for customers to buy.

The collection from Macron is usually well received by the Scotland Rugby Fans and we don't see any reason for this to be any different.

Whilst the Scotland Rugby clothing collection ranges in the past don't usually give away too many surprises, often Dark Navy with flashes of tartan making up much of the range - there are some additions to this collection that would bring some colour to the wardrobes of all Scotland Rugby Fans.

scotland rugby training jersey

As you can see above - the Scotland Rugby Training Jersey aka 'AsOne' Training Shirt sports a colourful rainbow look for all the Scotland rugby fans looking for something to train in for the new season.  

If rainbow is not the colour way for you - Macron have also provided a Blue alternative With the Blue, Scotland Rugby Training Jersey as pictured above. 

Whilst new, interesting colours are great to expand the appeal amongst a fan base - this is not Macron's first Rodeo and they know where the root of their popularity of the Scotland Rugby products come from. For the more traditional fans they have dark blue garments with flashes of gold in and around the cuffs and collars. Very much as pictured below, with Scotland Rugby Training Top.

What is yor favourite garment? You can find the entire Scotland Rugby Training and Leisurewear Collection for 2020/21 here ---->>>>>

As is usually the way with Macron - please make sure you consult the size guide as they clothing they make is usually tighter fitting than other brands, with most people often ordering a size up from what they usually are. 

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