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Exclusive to Absolute Rugby - Gainline Rugby

Exclusive to Absolute Rugby - Gainline Rugby - Absolute Rugby

Matthew Buckland |

A new brand has hit Rugby this week - Gainline - which is now being exclusively sold on

There are two phases to the development of Gainline product range - which is striving to bring the very best in quality and price to rugby fans and players alike.

The second, yet to be released product range is to bring rugby style clothing with includes; rugby shirts, rugby jerseys, rugby gym t-shirts etc to fit the typical body of someone who plays grassroots rugby. Forwards and Backs alike.

The first phase - is to bring those rugby fans who get on the pitch on a Saturday or Sunday morning themselves the right equipment to get themselves match fit - but at prices that wont break yours or your rugby clubs bank.

Here is a run down of the latest releases from the Gainline rugby product range:

Solo Skills Training Ball in Size 4 and Size 5 -  Unlike a conventional rugby ball - one end is flat, with the specific intention to allow the ball to hit a wall, hard surface, rebound net so it bounces back to you.

Gainline Training Rugby Ball in Size 4 and Size 5 - The Grainline training ball is perfect for training sessions or matches at a Social or Junior level. Hand Stitched, High-Quality 3D grip improves control and catching, Size 5 Suitable for U15 to Senior Mens and Womens Rugby.

Heavyweight Pass Developer Rugby Ball -  Improve your passing power and control with this HEAVYWEIGHT pass developer ball. At around twice the weight of a traditional match ball, training with this will help not only your passing distance but also accuracy.

On other added feature of the Rugby Balls produced by Gainline is the colourings found on the ball. Excluding the Heavyweight Pass Developer Rugby Ball all the balls are colour coded by sizes. The Size 4s have blue markings on them and the size 5s have green. This is sure to be handy when you are trying to find the right size balls when digging out your equipment from the messy lockup on a freezing cold morning!

Added to the latest release of Rugby Balls - if you are looking to setup some fitness drills or even passing drills with fitness obstacles - Gainline have you covered with the fitness training sets.

Be sure to keep an eye out on Absolute Rugby for the next product releases from Rugby's newest brand - Gainline.



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I have a gainline training ball and the quality is much higher than I expected for the price. Really pleased with it.

James Mckay-Mount,

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