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Back to Rugby: Kit Bag Essentials

Back to Rugby: Kit Bag Essentials - Absolute Rugby

Matthew Buckland |

As we lean into the Autumn, the rugby season rolls around once more. We can look forward to training, games, seeing friends and returning to the sport we love. 

However, while packing your bag for rugby training, you might have noticed that some of your gear looks a little worse for wear. 

The nature of rugby means that your kit is bound to get messy, but there does come a point where the washing machine can’t fix it. Holes in socks, shorts stained beyond recognition and boots falling to pieces are all worth some love and investment. 

Absolute Rugby is full of kit bag essentials to make your gear look shiny and new. Until your next game, at least.

a man in a red shirt holds a backpack with rugby kit inside


Rugby socks 

You’d be forgiven for thinking a sock is a sock, but when it comes to rugby, a more specialist pair can help improve your performance. 

Rugby socks are designed to increase grip inside the boot. The socks feature grips on the soles to keep your foot secure whilst playing. This increased stability makes wearing boots more comfortable and also provides more control for the player, meaning a performance improvement. 

Rugby socks are a great bit of kit for players of all ages and abilities. Perfect for younger players who are still learning to play as they help improve their control. 

The Shox full-length grip socks are a popular choice amongst amateur and professional rugby players. The polyamide/cotton mix makes them incredibly comfortable, while the silicone grips provide excellent stability and control. 

a pair of black specialist rugby socks


Rugby training shorts 

There are two types of shorts that tend to be worn by rugby players; compression shorts and a lightweight, looser pair over the top. The looser pair are fairly standard, but compression shorts have a few unique benefits. 

Not only do they reduce the dreaded chafing, but they also help reduce injury. Common rugby injuries like groin strains, pelvic damage and hernias can be protected against by compression shorts. They help to stabilise the joints and also speed up post-match recovery. 

In our selection of rugby training shorts, you’ll find compression shorts by the leading brand Atak, which supplies highly technical specialist sports clothing and equipment. Our range has compression shorts for both children and adults in a varied range of colours and sizes.

Rugby headguards

Wearing a rugby headguard can help prevent soft tissue injuries such as “cauliflower ears”, and reduce the risk of any cuts and scratches to the head. Plus, rugby headguards keep hair out of the face and eyes and removes the risk of it being pulled on during a tackle. Although rugby headguards are seen as increasing safety, it’s important to remember that while they do offer a level of protection, they do not reduce the risk of serious injury from dangerous tackles or reckless play. 

The ventilator headguard by Body Armour is a popular choice thanks to its lightweight, breathable design that keeps your head cool even in hot conditions. This headguard also features stretch lacing for a personalised and comfortable fit. 

protective headwear for rugby players


Handy kit bag extras

These kit bag stars may not be absolutely necessary, but they’re helpful to have on hand. Plus, you’ll look really prepared (as long as you remember the rest of your kit). 

If you’re the team kicker, a kicking tee is a helpful thing to have with you. You never know when an opportunity for practice might arise, so it's best to be prepared. We have a great selection of kicking tees to choose from based on your kicking style. 

Another great addition to your kit bag is the Gainline fitness training set. This set is perfect for SAQ (speed, agility and quickness training), cardio or circuit training. Including an agility ladder, marker cones, skipping rope and hurdles, this handy set is ideal for training or working out at home.

a selection of rugby training items including small hurdles, cones and ladders

At Absolute Rugby, we have an excellent range of kit bag essentials to help get you to the top of your game. Whether it's clothing, equipment, headgear or something else. Our rugby training section will have you covered. Keep an eye on the Absolute Rugby blog for more guides, information, and rugby news.  

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